Sunday, February 6, 2011

A mini Darth Vader and Matilda

Good day to all you lovely people! *smiles and waves*

I may be a bit late but I only saw this video yesterday and at the time of this writing, this video now has over 11 million views and it's only been up for four days. It's a Volkswagen commercial and it. . .oh, I'll just let you see for yourself:

OH GAWD. That kid is soooo cute! Plus, he's a pretty good actor, too (I'm assuming it's a he). I think this commercial was genius. I really do love it. I also like how when the dad comes home and opens his arms for a hug, the cute little Darth Vader kid shakes his head and shoos him aside so that he can immediately try and use the force on his dad's car. *squeals* So, so cute! His reaction at the end is priceless, too.

This commercial actually reminds me of myself when I was a kid. And no, I did not dress up like Darth Vader although do remember wanting a Darth Vader helmet. I also wanted Obi-Wan Kenobi's lightsaber, which is weird since I should want a red one but I liked Obi-Wan's just because it was blue (and blue was my ultra-favorite color back then). Aaaaannyyyywaaay, this commercial reminds me of myself because when I was a kid, I believed that I could move things with my mind (or the force) as well (or I could at least learn how to). Why? Well, it was all because of this movie:

It's a film adaptation of a book by Roald Dahl about a girl who loves to read but unfortunately has ignorant, uncaring parents and has a horrible school principal (but she does have a wonderful, too-good-to-be-true teacher and friends at school). She later discovers she has telekinetic powers and uses them to get back at her parents and the principal.

When I first watched the movie, I was about four years old and since I was a highly-imaginative (and highly-gullible) kid, I assumed that her powers resulted from her reading a whole lot. I wasted absolutely no time; I was all like: "Oh, it's on!". I began reading night and day and tried my "powers" out in between reading sessions. I read all the books my parents bought for me, I always suggested to my parents that we go to bookstores, I read signs and newspaper headlines, flyers, etc. I tried moving various objects including stuffed toys, spoons, forks, cups, chairs and Lego blocks. I distinctly remember I was always close to pooping myself because I was trying so hard. This went on for a long time and I can't even remember if it ever worked, or at least if I ever thought it did. I honestly can't even remember when I finally gave up trying to move something with my mind. I never did stop reading, though and looking back at all this, I'm glad my parents let me watch Matilda when I was four because if I didn't, I don't believe I would be as enthusiastic about reading (and writing) as I am today. 

So how did YOU get hooked on reading and/or writing?

The craziness is strong with this one,


    and Matilda used to be my favourite book when i was little, second only to Harry Potter. i saw the movie and i liked it too, but the book was wayyy awesomer. MISS TRUNCHBULL WAS TERRIFYING!
    i used to love reading and writing as a child, still do. i don't know what inspired me but i remember being bookworm since forever!

  2. Matilda? Favorite. Movie. EVAR. Seriously, the best movie I've seen in my childhood. Oh, the memories. <3
    But, well, maybe you should get back to trying?

  3. @Furree Katt: i know, right? I LOVE THAT COMMERCIAL, TOO! MAJOR CUTENESS! haha. i actually haven't read the book version of Matilda, and i probably might just do so one of these days (for nostalgia purposes). yay for being bookworms! :D

    @Fang: haha. i loved the movie, too. it was also the one of the first movies from my childhood that i distinctly remember watching.
    yes, you're right. i SHOULD start trying again. my telekinetic powers are just waiting to be unleashed into the world! muahahaha! xD


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