Friday, February 11, 2011

#1 Potato chips and the the last few crumbs (L)

Hello everyone! This is post number one of another series I have decided to start. I already have about three going on including this one. The other two are: "my superhero journey" and "only in the ____ movies". But both of these are bound to end pretty soon. This new series I am starting shall be called "the random stuff of life that i love". Each post of this series will basically be devoted to one particular thing that I love about this wonderful thing we call life. (I'm working on making a new tab for an archive of all the series so if you decide to go through the posts of any of the series in order, it would be relatively easier.)

Well then, now that we have that settled, let's talk about potato chips. Frankly, I love them. I love how they're all crunchy and crispy. I enjoy watching movies munching on a bag of chips instead of popcorn most of the time. They're also good for those lazy afternoons when you don't really plan on doing anything much, or those late nights spent cramming stuff into your already horribly overworked brain. Oh, and I also love to have them while mashing my greasy fingers all over my PS2 controller.

These are my two favorite chips of all time. I like the first one because I distinctly remember growing up with it and spending summer afternoons at a swimming pool with all my childhood friends passing around a big bag of it when we were out of the water. As for the second one, I like it because there's a picture of some guy's eyes on it (?). Surprisingly though, it tastes really good and it really is outrageously cheesy. But I like cheese, so there.

But you know what's really good about chips? The last few crumbs that I get at by having to tilt the bag at a 45 degree angle with my gaping mouth expertly situated at the bag's opening to catch any and all of that chippy goodness.



  1. I LOVE POTATO CHIPS TOO! I especially like the Salt and Vinegar flavour of Lays. OH AND I LOVE PRINGLES. SOUR CREAM AND ONIONS! OHMYGAAAWD.

  2. ...Ketchup flavor is the worst EVER. Also, I don't like cheese. Guess we have very different tastes xD

  3. I LOVE JUNKFOOD - haha, the CRUNCH in my mouth and the magic of all that spicey, juicey flavor on my tongue... yummmmmmmy!
    I love lays ketchup, pringles sour cream and onion, dorritos, and yes CHEETOS!
    DO you by any chance have chocolate cravings too? I do! =D
    PS - was kinda busy but now I'm here, reading, commenting. And thank you so much for the award =D *hugs!* <3

  4. POTATO CHIPS ARE THE BEST. i hog on them everyday. in Lays i like Tomato Ketchup, but French Cheese wins over all in my opinion. CHEETOS ARE MY FAVOURITE, especially the Flaming Hot ones.
    i can never pull off the 45 degree angle thing! :O

  5. I love potato chips.. but not really fan of Lays though. Hahaha... maybe because I am used to V-cuts..and and... ah yeah! Piatos! Hahaha.. I'm not a junky anymore.. unlike the golden days that I always eat chips... I'm sick and tired of pringles too.. or not! hahaha


  6. @Aseela Haque: haha. i love lays although i'm not really a fan of the salt and vinegar one. and i only like the original pringles flavor. hahaha.

    @Fang: WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? ketchup is the best flavor ever! haha. maybe not. but i still like it. cheese, too. yes, i guess we DO have different tastes. haha.

    @Jodie-Ann: cheese is the shizz. xD

    @Sana Castellano: JUNKFOOD IS THE ONLY FOOD I KNOW. haha. kidding. and oh yes, i love chocolate, too! except dark chocolate. and the ones with raisins in them. eugh. haha. appreciate your reading and commenting effort. haha. you deserved that award. *hugs*

    @Furree Katt: POTATO CHIPS FTW! haha. spicy chips are okay by me, but i'd prefer the non-spicy ones any day. haha. the 45 degree angle thing requires mad skillzzzz. haha. kidding. xD

    @Kamila: i like V-Cut too, actually. haha. i like the barbecue-flavored one. Piatos has never really appealed to me but i guess that's okay. haha. YOU MUST BECOME A JUNKFOOD PERSON AGAIN! haha.


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