Monday, January 31, 2011

Can you enhance that?

I'm someone who likes to tune in to those crime shows on TV every once in a while, especially when I have nothing else to do. I've got to admit, they are kind of enjoyable and it's nice to follow the main characters' individual stories as well (though it seems that almost all of them are doomed to forever be single). Sometimes, though, these shows go a bit too far with their zooming in and enhancing and lifting fingerprints and DNA off of almost anything, or how they stand around and explain things to each other when they already know all that while squeezing witty remarks into their conversations (okay, so I get this is so that people will get all that forensic/scientific stuff they're talking about and laugh at the same time). Anyway, here's one scene from CSI that's both hilarious and irritating all at the same time:

Oh yes, this is totally realistic. I also love how she says: "Well, resolution isn't very good". Good grief, woman! You just magnified, enhanced and reversed a reflection of an image of a guy in a cornea of a woman captured by a frikkin' security camera! Oh and they just had to enhance this image further to reveal that the guy was carrying a basketball. I was seriously surprised they did not magnify further and lifted fingerprints off that ball, ran them through their database and brought up the killer's profile and everything. I mean, if you're going to do something like this, why not go all the way and disregard everything we've come to know about reality? Well, I guess if they did do that, every single show wouldn't last for more than 3 minutes.

And finally, as David Caruso would say in this situation,
"Well, I guess we've. . ."
*puts on shades*
". . .got our man."



  1. I love watching CSI shows (especially CSI NY).. but yeah, sometimes their procedures of processing the scene are waaayyyy unrealistic... bordering impossible. I'm not an expert.. though amazing, I, too find it funny and irritating on how they were able to identify the suspects. Plus, I've only heard he Miranda Rights mentioned in just two episodes or so...

    Still, I enjoy watching them. Hehehe... Got nothing better to do, I guess. LOL..

  2. Haha, I never watch CSI. Only when nothing else is on and I really feel like watching TV. XD

  3. @Leah: haha. i know. they sometimes blur the line between reality and fantasy but i guess i'm expecting too much, after all, it's just a TV show. haha.

    @Jodie-Ann: haha. i watch CSI sometimes, but yeah, only when I really don't have anything else to do. xD

  4. Hehe, so terribly true. Most of them aren't realistic at all at times. Real pitty.


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