Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another Quick Update

We just did a report on Acoustic Phonetics yesterday and it went okay, could have gone better, though. I'm just glad that it's semi-over. I spent many a sleepless night gnawing on the bedsheets wide awake, dreading the day we would report. Okay, so maybe that was an exaggeration but I did dread the day it would finally come. Unfortunately, we were pressed for time and didn't get to finish our report so we have a continuation on Tuesday. Yippee. :|

Our report was discussing how to read this thing (a spectogram) and analyze what word/sentence it is.

Oh well, I'm still not out of the clear yet, though. My whole weekend is full. We have a trip to Subic scheduled on Saturday and a trip to Banahaw on Sunday. We will leave early in the morning and arrive late in the evening for both trips. Plus, we have school on Monday. I don't really know how tired we're all going to be but I'm guessing we're going to be pretty darn effing tired.

For the Subic trip, we're going to do this. The package we picked was Package F. So basically we get to do everything from trekking to rappelling to falling out of trees. For the Banahaw trip, we're going to go hiking and then caving. Plus, the cave is this sacred mystical one wherein you have to go in barefoot and the inside is lighted with candles and you have to squeeze yourself in through tiny openings (don't get any ideas), so yeah. The weekend's going to be interesting (I hope). I will write about both trips when we get back, so stay tuned.

Finally, I have some stuff to do for our video report due on Monday and the continuation of our oral report on Tuesday. I'm planning on getting them done now since I know there is no time over the weekend and I'll be too tired then.


  1. Oh~, that looks really interesting, actually. Kind of hard, though

  2. Don't you just love when you need to get all your work the same weekend everything else is scheduled?
    The trip looks really fun though! Treetop adventures? uh, where can I sign up. Haha.

    have funnnn on your trip! ♥


  5. @Fang: yeah. it is actually interesting although it is hard as well. :|

    @Simply Aya: sigh. i guess this is partly my fault with all my procrastinating. and yes, i'm actually excited for the trip. treetop adventure does sound awesome!

    @Furree Katt: something that measures speech sounds (or sounds in general) and since i'm a speech student, it's a vital tool. and thanks, i will! :)

    @Aseela Haque: it does seem like fun but i fear i'd be suuuper tired afterwards. and oh yes, i will take a ton of pictures. hahaha.

  6. That sounds so fuuuuuunnnnn!!! :D I'm jealous :D And like Aseela, I WANT PICTURES!


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