Wednesday, March 9, 2011

#3 Long Lines (H)

Since I'm still organizing the Banahaw post, I decided to continue on blogging about other stuff, like mentioning another random thing about life that I hate.

So yeah, long lines. I don't really like them and not just because of the fact that I have to wait for a really long time (since, you know, I have a very exciting life and I don't want to waste time standing in line all day. kidding.), but because when it's finally my turn to do whatever it is I was standing in line for, I get all conscious and nervous. I feel extremely pressured to hurry up and do whatever I need to do in the shortest amount of time possible. Why? Because I am extremely paranoid and feel that everyone else behind me in line will be extremely pissed at me if I take too long and that they judge and time every single action I make. I swear I could always feel their judging and displeased eyes boring into my very soul.

When I'm at a fast food restaurant, I immediately calculate how much I will pay for my order and I make sure (as much as possible) that I have the exact amount of cash ready to hand over to the cashier, to save everyone else five minutes of watching me fumble through my bag looking for my wallet, hand over a huge amount of money and receive my change.

I also take all the necessary steps to shorten the amount of time I am in the spotlight when I buy groceries, use public toilets, withdraw cash at an ATM, etc. etc. etc.

Also, if anyone has ever been through airport security, you will know how tough they are on everyone. This, for me, is the worst kind of line since I have to take off my shoes, belt, watch, and anything else they'd need to scan and throw them into the basket they have ready at a breakneck speed, all the while sweating profusely and imagining all the death stares people behind me are giving.

Worst possible thing to happen ever: The security people ask to inspect your bag. OH GAWD!

"I will make you suffer."



  1. funny and witty as always :D you're a gifted writer. i love reading your blog!
    i NEVER EVER order at a fastfood restaurant/ANYWHERE. i just can't, because i know i'll mess it up somehow and make a fool out of myself in front of everyone in the vicinity.
    i despise airport lines, too! since i think so meanly about people who spend loads of time during their turn, it;s only obvious that others will think about me that way when it's my turn :O

  2. I know.. I also feel quite self conscious.. its like people are burning holes with their eyes =P Silly but what can one do!


  3. I am wayyy too self conscious. So much that it just annoys me. So, I always do just what you, haha. I prepare my money and stuff so that everything will go smoother.
    And ackk I hate long lines. D: I,m not a very patient person.

  4. @Furree Kat: why, thankyou. tee-hee. *blushes* really? you never order? so does someone order for you or you just never eat at fastfood restaurants? and duuuude. you're so right! i hate it when people take too long so i assume everyone will hate me if i do the same. haha.

    @Sidrah: right you are. i've always hated it when all eyes are on me.

    @Jodie-Ann: i guess we're all self-conscious, some more than others. long lines are not cool. :|


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