Wednesday, March 23, 2011

That Crazy Lady

I took a laboratory exam yesterday. I think I did okay, but then again, I don't really know. Oh Anatomy, why must you torture us so?

Anyway, after that exam, my friends and I decided to eat at Red Ribbon, a restaurant at the local mall that is primarily a bakeshop but now serves main courses with your cake. (How convenient is that, eh?) So we were talking, laughing, eating, making paper cranes and origami lotuses that looked like exploded siopaos (okay, don't ask why we were folding paper in a restaurant, it's sort of a long story) when suddenly, from the left side of the resto, a commotion breaks out and there's this woman shouting at a family about how rude they are and how she was only trying to help, etc. etc.

She was all:

And we were all:

From the random bits of information we managed to piece together (since it's fun to stick your nose in other people's business), wait, just kidding, she was shouting about the entire incident the whole time we were there so she didn't really leave much to the imagination. Anyway, the kid of the family was crying and she touched the kid's shoulder to calm her/him down (I didn't really see the kid. The counter was obscuring him/her). The dad or mom pulled the child away since they didn't really want him/her associating with strangers, I guess and then this is the part where that woman literally freaks out and goes berserk all over the place. Even long after the family has left, she's still spewing out insults and defending herself and complaining, all in her high-pitched screechy voice. 

Gawd, she was seriously annoying. I wanted to slap her clear across her face. But then again, I'm a good person and I wouldn't do that, so I stuck to mentally throwing her off a cliff. 



  1. LOL! That woman sounds SO ANNOYING! D; I feel bad for you, your friends and that baby.

    i don't know why i just LOLed but seriously, poor baby. and poor crazy woman.
    it's always fun watching someone make a commotion in a public place. :D

  3. it's true that it's fun to stick your nose in other people's business.. hehe.. but seriously that woman is annoying. This post somehow made me want to eat cake. lol.

  4. Pikachuuuu is awesome. Stole the picture =D

    LoL poor parents.. they should have started yelling and freaking out too =D the woman must be a weirdo

    Its fun being nosy sometimes =P

    P.S. Anatomy sucks =[

  5. Bitch, please, get your own child to abuse

  6. this post would have been ok if not for the "I took a laboratory exam yesterday. I think I did okay."

    what is buwisit? :|

    am i the only one whos gonna fail that exam? :| :|

    now im in a bad mood.


  7. @Jodie-Ann: yes she was super SUPER mega annoying.

    @Furree Katt: i know. right after that woman started screaming at the top of her lungs, she stopped crying. hello trauma. pikachu is badass. haha. people making commotions are interesting, yet annoying.

    @mayen: haha. i will forever be nosy. xD my favorite cake is mango cake. :D

    @Sidrah: you can steal my pictures anytime. haha. i think the parents were right in ignoring the woman and just leaving. i know i would. there's no point getting into a screaming match with her, anyway because yeah, she is a weirdo. haha. and yes. anatomy does suck. :(

    @Fang: oh gawd, no! D: haha.

    @Anonymous/kevin: i said i think did okay since perhaps my positive thinking might change my most likely failing grade. haha. xD

  8. HAHAHAHA. OMG. Must have been a total bitch fest. I love watching people flip out. Haha.

  9. Bitch please. *pikachu style* - i so am gonna do that when someone annoys me next time. =p
    Lol. Poor lady, musta been venting out some latent feelings.
    AND YOU KNOW HOW TO ORIGAMI? that is so cool, i must learn it. I have no idea what siopaos is. =$
    Haha, never loved anatomy. Glad im through it.

  10. i hate you T_T

    btw, captcha was "patho" WTF. epal.

  11. Ay nakakalokah!!! I don't see any reason why she'd freak out. The kid's not her kid.

    Okay naman ang intention nya. Maybe she just wanted to comfort the kid (since he/she is crying).. pero since kinuha na ng parents nya, eh sana shut up na sya. Sus!! Epal naman ng babaeng yun.

    Yung mga ganun, nakakainis panoorin.. but at the same time, nakakatawa na nakakaawa. She's just making a fool of herself. Tsk. I'd have to admit, though.. I kinda like watching a bitch freak out. I find it funny.. and irritating at the same time. Wierd, ano.. I like watching scenes like those... but from a distance, of course. Hahaha!

  12. @Aseela: it totally was. haha.

    @Sana: haha. pikachu is badass. that lady was crazy! haha. i only know a couple of origami stuff. nothing too complicated. haha. and siopaos are steamed meat buns. they're actually quite delicious. :)

    @Anonymous: think positive, my friend! haha.

    @Leah: i know, right. she made a huge scene out of nothing. and yes, nakakatuwa na nakakairita panoorin. haha. xD


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