Friday, March 18, 2011

I Have An Ouchie.

This post may make some uneasy. Everyone afraid of paper cuts and blood should steer clear of this post.

What's worse than a paper cut on your finger? I'll tell you what-a metal cut under your fingernail. Oh, and yes, I have one right now, a deep cut under the fingernail of my right index finger. *sniffles*

Yes, I know I am a big baby but holy crap, it hurts like hell! I was tucking my shirt into my jeans early this morning when my fingernail got snagged on the metal clasp of one of the buttons on my jeans. I yelped in pain and quickly observed my finger. Blood had already started pooling under my fingernail and was starting to drip out. At this point I felt like breaking down. I am someone who is okay being around cadavers during laboratory sessions and watching scene after scene of gore in films, but when it comes to paper cuts or whatever kind of small cut, I get queasy. I mean, I even have this irrational fear of tearing my lingual frenulum. Google it if you don't know, but it's basically this membrane under the tongue that sort of helps in holding it in place. I think I would pass out if that happened. *shudders*

Anyway, I pinched my finger (for no particular reason) and the blood literally squirted out. I am honestly not exaggerating. The thoughts running through my head at this point were basically: "Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap, oh crap." Finally, I decided to place my finger under a running stream of cold water. After about five minutes (yes, that long) of continuous bleeding, it finally stopped. I sighed in relief but then, I suddenly felt lightheaded and my vision blurred a bit. I wondered if I'd lost a lot of blood and if this was my end. Was this it? However, death by a cut under the fingernail doesn't sound very prestigious. So, I sat down for a while and closed my eyes. After a few minutes of dizziness, I was finally back to my normal self.

I wrapped a little band-aid around my finger and now I am extremely conscious of it. I write with my index finger pointing upwards and try as much as possible to not type with it but I occasionally forget and I am greeted by a stinging wave of pain. Ouch. I am now going to sleep this off.

Sad finger is sad.



  1. i hate it when the blood just won't stop flowing out! that's scary. i've gotten loads of papercuts and other types of ouchies on my fingers, i'm used to it now :P

  2. I love faces drawn on fingers <3 Hope he gets well soon~

  3. No one else believes me when I tell them paper cuts are the worst. It's the little bruises, scrapes, and cuts that really hurt. I hope your poor finger feels better soon

  4. I hate getting paper cuts too. I don't get queasy over blood but I won't be able to stand near a cadaver.

    I enjoyed reading this and I'm about to read other post. I'll follow you. I'm looking forward to get to know you more. :)

  5. AHHH I hate paper cuts! D: Actually, yesterday, I was shoving books up into my locker and my finger accidentally got scraped at the top of the locker. A bit of skin pealed back and it was bleeding like Hell. I had to wear a band aid. o.O

  6. @Furree Katt: i knoow. it sucks. :|
    really? i hate it when i have cuts or whatever. but bruises are okay, since i can never remember when i got them. haha.

    @Fang: thankyou. right now, he's recovering well. :)

    @Simply Aya: right you are! it's weird that things are that way. my finger is doing well, actually. tee-hee.

    @mayen: paper cuts hurt like crap. haha. well, cadavers may understandably weird some people out. also, thankyouuu so much. :D

    @Jodie-Ann: ohhh no! :| hope your finger heals really fast as well. :)

  7. Poor you!!
    I hate the initial cut! That split second when the paper slices through your finger!
    Hope you heal well! Must be annoying having to type/write/do stuff with that cut!! :)

  8. @Little Miss Big Nose: my finger is all good now! so yay for that. haha. and yes, the initial cut is the worst. :|


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