Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shiloh Fernandez in Red Riding Hood

So I recently watched Red Riding Hood with two of my college friends and no, I am not going to write a review about it because I am going to be a bit mean. Haha. (This post still contains spoilers, though)

Rather, I am going to gush about how hot Shiloh Fernandez is in it.

Images are not from the film, but from Google images.

Okay, so he wasn't really all that good in the movie and he had like one expression the whole time. Just one. He was still hot, though, slightly pouted lips and all. Plus, he really knows how to push a woman up against the wall of a shed.

I first saw him in Deadgirl, which by the way, is not a movie for family night, and I thought he was pretty interesting then (although even then he still had just one expression). I liked Deadgirl since if you looked behind the gore and the err. . .yeah, you'd find that it's actually a story about unrequited love (sort of) and how far you'd go to get your love reciprocated. Made me think and wonder if I'd do the same. Which by the same, I mean leave the person you love (who is infected with some weird virus that makes him somewhat immortal, yet a violent vegetable) strapped to a bed in an abandoned mental hospital without telling anyone and use him as I please, then probably not.

Anyway, did you know that Shiloh should've been Edward Cullen from Twilight? He almost got to play a blood-sucking vampire and ironically, ended up being a werewolf. Although I do think playing a cold, dead, soulless creature would've suited him better. Too bad he and Kristen Stewart didn't really have enough chemistry. Check it. What do you think, though?


Oh and also, someone actually got pissed at us during the film (actually, as it was just starting). I was wondering aloud if Shiloh Fernandez (when his name appeared on screen) was the Shiloh Fernandez I saw in Deadgirl and my two friends were discussing who Gary Oldman would probably play in the film (since we actually went in and watched Red Riding Hood knowing absolutely nothing about the plot summary or who the characters were, etc) Anyway, at that point, we had already gotten a few "ssshhh's" but then  I guess someone behind us finally lost his cool and asked us (well, we assumed it was us) to "please refrain from talking" in an angry, thick Indian accent. Needless to say, we quieted down a bit after that. However, after the movie, we kept bringing up the incident and laughing at it. We are mean. Tee-hee.

On a final note, if you are a pre-pubescent teen girl who loves to swoon over on-screen romances between human females and cursed creatures of the dark (like in Twilight), I'd recommend you go and watch Red Riding Hood. I guarantee you'll enjoy it. For everyone else, I don't really think it'd be something you'd be delighted about afterwards. But you can still do whatever you want. You've been warned, though.

P.S. Amanda Seyfried's eyes are so huge that it was the wolf who wondered "what big eyes she had". Haha. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

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  1. oooh, Shiloh is YUM! isn't Angelina Jolie's first biological daughter named Shiloh, too?
    i wanna see Little Red Riding Hood :O
    and once, friends and I got a bit carried away whilst watching 2012 in the cinema, giggling when the sad parts came :P we got loads of 'shhhhs!' and some people in front actually turned around to give us evil looks haha. GOOD TIMES :D

  2. ZOMG! Shiloh is SO SEXY. Ohhhmiiigoooshshhhhh. Mmmmmmmm...
    Anyways! I love Robert Pattinson and I'm really happy he was Edward.
    I really want to see Little Red Riding Hood. XD

  3. @Furree Katt: haha. yes, Angelina's baby daughter is named Shiloh, too. frankly, i think it's a really pretty name. :)
    also, i wonder how we manage to be such crazy people when we're with our friends. haha.

    @Jodie-Ann: he is, isn't he? haha. i have actually asked people about who they like better and they all said (like you) they're glad Robert Pattinson got the part. oh well. haha. doesn't really matter, though. xD

    by the way, you guys, they dropped the "little" from the title and if you watch the film, you'll know why. haha. xD

  4. So I would've said something substantial or comment-worthy, but I was too distracted by Shiloh's (body) face.

  5. @Aseela Haque: i don't blame you. haha. xD

  6. I'm looking at the pictures....

    And all I can say:


  7. Refrain from talking ? lol
    man in here we whistle.. pass shrewd comments.. applaud and do everything thats not supposed to be done in a theater :p


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