Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Suuuuubbbiiiic. ♥

Hey everyone! I am back from our weekend trip to Subic and Banahaw. I have a lot to tell you guys so I decided to separate my Subic and Banahaw posts. This here's (if you still haven't figured it out from the title) the Subic post. And in 3. . 2. . 1:

My friend and I woke up at 4 AM, then we each took a bath, brushed our teeth (the usual), but then I had to pack since I always pack last minute. However, I don't think "pack" would be the right term here since what I actually did was I hurriedly grabbed a shirt, my jacket, my camera, phone, and whatever else I thought necessary and smooshed them all into my backpack, including a stapler which I later found at the bottom of my bag. Afterwards, we headed out, bought some snacks at the local 7-11, ordered a take-out breakfast at McDonald's, and finally headed off to the meeting place, which was in front of our college.

I can't remember how long we were on the road since after eating my breakfast, I spent the rest of the bus ride either chatting with my seatmate or sleeping, which was a good thing since I needed to conserve my energy for the rest of the trip.

On the way to Subic.

Pretty houses near the mountains. 

The first stop was a guided tour of a place where there were floating docks. It's where they place ships in order to have them cleaned, painted, checked, or repaired. I have to admit, this was the least interesting part of the whole trip. The whole place smelled like fish and seawater. Also, we all had to wear hard hats and it messed up my perfectly manicured tresses (not really). The guide talked about how they submerged the dock so they could place the ship on it and about all the different kinds of boats and whatnot. Meanwhile, I was busy wondering what would happen if a real life Sharktopus suddenly terrorized us. I then deduced I'd probably be the first to go.
A yacht parked somewhere inside.

Walking around on the floating dock. (Notice how the upper and lower halves of the ships are completely different)

After the floating docks, it was off to the Treetop Adventure place (Hooray!).

The sign.

A guide explained all the activities they had in store for us and he talked about the safety procedures. Afterwards, we ate lunch. We had:

Chicken adobo, fish, mixed vegetables and rice. (I don't really like fish, though)

After a 30-minute rest period, it was time for some real action. Well first, we had to go out and meet the natives, called Aetas who had dark skin, were short and had curly hair. They performed (danced, sang and played the guitar) to earn some money (to buy extra stuff they need in the city, I suppose) but they still hunt and live in the forest. It was quite an experience meeting them face to face.

One of them climbing a thin tree.

Doing their "Dragonfly dance"

Next attraction was the Superman zipline. You had to lie on your stomach suspended between two bars similar to the ones acrobats hang on to, and hang on to them I did. The first bar you placed between your armpits and you placed your legs on top of the other one. When I looked down, all I could see was a really high drop. I could see the tops of trees and all the greenery. Suddenly, the guy operating the mechanism used to control the zipline bade us goodbye and we were suddenly pulled backwards really fast. Once we got to the opposite end, we were then pulled forward. My partner and I half-screamed and half-laughed the whole ride.
My blockmate/partner on the left, me on the right.

View from the ground.

Next up, we tried the Silver Surfer. Why they call it that, I do not know, since it doesn't really have anything to do with surfing, not even close. Anyway, my partner and I rode on it and it basically involved two pogo stick-like things combined then suspended in mid-air. What was horrifying awesome about this was that it would go back and forth eight times total and each time, it would stop in the middle and the sudden stop would cause you and your partner to dangle precariously in mid-air.

Ew. Check out my huuuugeee butt. HAHA.

The last attraction had the longest possible waiting time (presumably because it took a lot of coaxing and soothing before anyone actually agreed to be dropped). It was the Tree Drop. You were suspended from the very top of a tree then suddenly, well, dropped. You were basically free-falling for a short amount of time before the harnesses around your midsection tightened and you were slowly lowered to the ground. 

Me crossing the thin bridge used to connect the trees to each other. This was actually the scariest part for me.

How tall the tree is.

Waiting in line as another poor victim person is getting ready to be dropped.

Lucky for you guys, I have a video and you can see me flailing like a wounded duck falling from the sky. The whole drop lasted only 2 seconds but it felt longer than that and I don't know what happened to my arms and legs but I couldn't really control them. Must be some sort of reflex since I didn't mean to make myself look like I was a dog swimming in the water for the first time. However, only I and another one of my classmates did the same thing. The others managed to keep their arms and legs straight. Anyone know what that's all about?

Okay, so yeah. I'm stalling. Fine. Here's the video (sigh):


P.S. Some of these pictures were grabbed from my blockmate's cam so credits go to her camera and to the guy who took the pictures.


  1. Ahhhhh this is so AWESOME!!!!!!! I loove the pictures. This looks like you ahd a lot of funnn! :D

  2. ADRENALINE RUSH! Where is this place? I really really want to sign up, this looks so amazing!

  3. dude, you totally looked like a dog in that one XD mine's an even worse F-A-I-L tho~

  4. omg, FUNNNN. Subic is sooo pretty. so much greenery there! wow.
    it's always so interesting witnessing the tribal way of life, isn't it? and those rides look SUPAH SCARAYY.

  5. THIS LOOKS LIKE SO MUCH FUN. You and your friend look adorable in that picture!

  6. @Jodie-Ann: it was indeed! haha. and yes, it was an epicly epic day! :D

    @Simply Aya: a province over here in the Philippines. it's a popular tourist spot so come on down! haha.

    @Anonymous: or should i say zyruuhmodena (wait, did i even spell that right? haha), yeah. you just HAD to hold on to the rope. consequence=rope burn. also, your tarzan scream FTW. hahaha.

    @Furree Katt: i know. it was amazing. and yes, it was indeed awesome to learn how life used to be before all the technology and advancements started kicking in. they're kinda scary but since i'm sort of an adrenaline junkie, i didn't really mind. i was like gogogo. xD

  7. @Aseela Haque: it was soo fun! haha. thankyou. although it is a bit obvious that we look "slightly" nervous. haha.

  8. OMG BB YOU STILL SPELL MY URL WRONG OH GOD WE'VE BEEN SLEEPING IN THE SAME ROOM FOR 2 DAYS- hahaha oyes. can i have a copy of my epic scream vid?? plz? :D

  9. @Anonymous: it's wrong? haha. sorry! :))))
    also i've been a bit busy. i will upload your vid soon, though.


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