Saturday, March 5, 2011


So I have a friend sleeping over right now at the condo and we're both going to have to wake up at 4 AM tomorrow for the whole weekend fieldtrip I told you about. We're both excited. Well, actually I am but she did not skirt around the fact that she isn't exactly as thrilled as I am. Oh well, we'll just have to wait and see.

By the way, if you guys want, you could go and visit her tumblr site here. (SHE PAID ME TO DO THIS AND SHE SNORES SO LOUDLY. HAHA. ALSO, IF SHE FINDS OUT ABOUT THIS "ADDITION" I MADE, SHE MIGHT KILL ME.)



  1. have fun at your field trip! :D
    and omg, your friend's Tumblr is really cute.

  2. sorry I haven't been catching up much, but where'reyou going? have fun!!! :D
    Take lotsa photos!! :D

  3. I had a bunch of friends come over once, and one of them fell asleep really quikcly. And he snored. Very loudly.
    Nobody had slept a bit, except for him xD

  4. Have fun! And, uh, tell her she's not the only one that snores. I'm here for her.

  5. DEAR BB. you prolly know who i am HAHAHA sorry but i don't snore ;) i only sleep with my mouth open and my eyes half-open XD dunno if you noticed the eye part tho. thanks for letting me stay! :) love lots, YOU-KNOW-WHO<333

  6. Waaahh!!! A SUBIC and a Banahaw trip! and then, Monday is a school day! yay!!! hehehe... so how was it? Im sure.. enjoy ka ano.. :)

    Yeah, I'm so glad to be back to blogging. True, I'm not earning a cent from writing articles, but blogging helps me in... I dunno.. keeping me sane, I guess. Hihi..

    I have another blog.. a Tagalog blog. Maybe u wanna check it out. It has more.. personal posts. Mas nae-express ko kasi ang feelings ko kapag Tagalog. Visit me?

    Thanks for welcoming me back, Ishashime. Too bad, we didn't get the chance to meet when I was there in Manila. Oh well... :) You take care.. :)

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    Ako si LEAH
    Everyday Letters

  7. @Jodie-Ann: i did! :D

    @Furree Katt: haha. thanks. it was really fun. my friend says thanks. xD

    @Little Miss Big Nose: we went on a weekend fieldtrip to two provinces. wait for my posts about the trip. haha.

    @Fang: haha. you just gotta love your snoring friends.

    @Mischief Managed: will do! xD

    @Anonymous: oh yes, i know who you are. haha. dude, how do you even know if you snore or not, you're asleep. i was the one kept awake the whole night! xD

    @Leah: yes! sobra! haha. blogging is indeed a wonderful outlet. i will be sure to visit your tagalog blog. and oh, you're welcome. yeah. too bad we didn't get to meet up. oh well, there's always next time. :)

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