Thursday, March 31, 2011

All-nighters And Sugar Go Well Together

So today it is Wednesday and it's nearly 12 AM. I haven't slept since 7 AM on Tuesday. So that means I've gone 41 hours without sleep (nearly 2 days). I've been cramming for exams and making this required autobiography since 7 AM on Tuesday, all the while munching on M&M's and any other chocolate and sugar-filled treat.

I've started seeing things (an example would be this afternoon when I thought someone was peeking in through my window, and this is a condo on the tenth floor. I flipped out, then realized how silly that would've been: someone climbing the side of a building until the tenth floor and peering into a random window for no reason. But then again:

Anyway, I've been wondering when the hardcore hallucinations will start, probably if I forgo sleep again tonight. Hoho. That would be interesting. Oh, and after submitting all the last remaining requirements this afternoon at exactly 4 PM, my friends and I rejoiced. IT'S FINALLY SUMMER. *insert happy dance here* Oh gawd, I thought summer would never arrive. Plus, most of my friends hadn't slept a wink since Tuesday, either, so we all sort of understood how each one felt.

As a last-day-of-school celebration thing before everyone left the city and their dorms to go to their respective homes, we watched Sucker Punch. It was a mindf- movie, or maybe it's just because I have no sleep and am running purely on sugar so it seemed that way. It ended at about 9:30 PM and as we got up from our seats, I suddenly felt light-headed, actually all of us did. My head throbbed and it felt like I was floating. We looked like high/drunk people struggling to walk through this strangely-more-curved-and-longer-than-usual movie theater hallway, laughing all the way as we bumped into the walls and each other.

Okay, so I passed out after that last paragraph. Haha. The next thing I know, I'm waking up and the sun's peeking in through the curtains and I'm slumped on my desk, in front of my laptop. WAS I DREAMING? *checks clock and calendar* No, it's Thursday and it's 7 AM, and that's about right. Darn. I would've wanted to go three days without sleep. Oh well. Sucker Punch semi-film review coming up next!

Sweet dreams, 


    and you slept off in the middle of your post haha, WOW. 41 hours is noooo joke!

  2. You really should work on getting that sleep pattern of yours straight ;D

  3. Yay for summer! :D And 41 hours is a crazy amount of time to be awake for... I just looked up at Furree's comment and realized that it's very similar to mine. LOL.

  4. dont know what to thing of sucker punch. i dont think i'll see it haha x

  5. dude.. after all of our requirements I pass out into sleep for undetermined periods of time.. I-is this bad? XD

    anyway, yay for summer~ :'D

  6. LOL!! you really did pass out in the middle of the post!! FREAKING AWESOME!! =p

  7. @Furree Katt: SUMMERRRRR! :D yeah, i was just so tired, i guess. 41 hours was a bit hard to manage.

    @Fang: well, it's summer, so i'm probably going to sleep later than ever. HAHA.

    @Jodie-Ann: haha, you're right! so for my reply to your comment, refer to my reply to Furree's comment.

    @Francesca: aww. that's okay. i guess it was aimed at teenage-twenty something guys who love scantily-clad women and videogames anyway.

    @kray: yeah. and you are the reason we didn't get to see the earlier showing of Sucker Punch. hmp. haha. jk. oh yesss, yay summer indeed.

    @Crimson Coral: haha. i really did. thankyou for finding that awesome. haha.


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