Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Early morning rambling

You know what I am dreading? (Forgive me, it's 3 AM where I am and I can't sleep)

The day when Facebook adds a "See the people who viewed your profile" option. Plus the number of times.

So Patrick's reaction right there pretty much sums up how I will feel about it once I know about it. Now why am I dreading it? Well, to put it simply, I am a hardcore stalker. Guilty as charged. I know it isn't really prestigious or anything but I can't really help it. I'm one of those who have fallen victim to unrequited love, to unreciprocated romance. One of many who sometimes catch themselves thinking about that one person, and all the what-if's in between, one of those who randomly write that one person's name in their notebooks and draw those little hearts around them, and one of those who are inspired to scribble down (tragic) love poems inspired by that one person. 

So obviously, I like this guy and he doesn't seem to like me the same way. I mean, we talk and are on relatively good terms and everything but we're not really close friends. Him and I, we are more like people who get to see each other a few times a week, talk to each other when we need to and have mutual friends. Over the years, I've developed this really big crush on him. You know when you were younger and you formed this image of your "perfect guy"? People say that whoever you would've imagined your perfect guy to be will surely not be the one you will fall in love with. Sometimes, the person you love is the complete opposite of your "perfect guy". In my case, he IS my "perfect guy". He is the exact person I formed in my mind when I thought about my ideal guy. He might not be to other people but he is to me and it sort of hurts when I see him around with his *choke* girlfriend. 

So Facebook, please don't ever add the aforementioned option. If so, he will find out how many times I randomly go to his profile and skim through his wall posts, look at his picture, and almost write "i like you" but then slowly push backspace one letter at a time.

Okay, I am creepy and silly and slightly pathetic. Love does that to you sometimes.

a lil' heartbroken, 


  1. OhmiGod! I have a crush on a guy like that too. We're not exactly close friends, but we have some of the same friends and we talk sometimes. I sit next to him in a class, so I talk to him pretty often. But, I still can't call him a friend. He's more like this really cute guy I'm crushing on. I don't only like him because he's cute, but because he just has the sweetest personality. You know the kind that just makes you melt? That kind. He's just so sweet and... Okay, I'll shut up now. Hehe. Just, I'm in the same situation as only. Except, he doesn't have a boyfriend(yes, I sorta stalk him and found that out).

  2. Duuuuude I know how you feel! In my situation, however, I had a little falling out with the guy and eventually stopped checking out his profile. I still think about him sometimes though.

  3. @Jodie-Ann: oh i know what you mean. haha. i ramble on about this particular crush of mine a lot, too. lucky you 'cause he's still single. you still have a chance to be with him. you go girl! xD

    @Natália: sigh. i know. feeling like this kinda sucks. so you guys never made up, huh? awww. you still sort of care about him, i guess. even just a tiny bit.

  4. I will kill facebook if they ever do that... Though... I'm not a stalker like you on your crush... I usually stalk everyone... hahah I don't know if stalk is the real word for it.. but they put it on facebook..well they might as well expect somebody would appreciate those vanity pictures.. oh well.. I feel like when I stalk.. updates came..even if I'm on the other side of the planet.. i feel facebook is convinient this way

  5. @Kamila: i think you just like to view people's profiles and you aren't really "stalking" them. haha. i know. facebook is sort of like this big gossip hub and sometimes you get lost in it. haha.

  6. i totally get what you mean. i used to stalk my crushes like crazy. but it used to make me feel sad, watching their lives with their own group of friends and all, which i wasn't a part of. :P

  7. @Furree Katt: i knooow. i feel sad every time i decide to go "check in" on this crush of mine because he seems perfectly happy with his life that doesn't really include me. i still can't help doing it, though. agh. :| :))


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