Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Today, I finished the exam I was talking about.

I can still remember how I beat myself up this morning for not waking up at 7 AM to try and study some more (I woke up at 10:30 and my class was at 1 in the afternoon). After about an hour of reviewing, I hastily showered, brushed my teeth, slipped into my white uniform and headed out the door. I looked awkward trying to highlight terms in the book I was holding as I walked past people and cars on a busy street on the way to school. Once there, I mingled with my classmates for while and tried to cram more terms into my brain at the same time. Suddenly, the moment of truth, we all filed into the exam room as our professor talked about the exam and her teaching principles but I couldn't really focus since my mind was fixed on the structures of the ear, the embryonic development, etc. As our professor handed out the exam, I skimmed it and realized it was mostly essay and fill-in-the-blank type of questions. Less than half of it was multiple choice. I broke out into a cold sweat and started answering with my trusty black pen. I skipped a few numbers but then returned to them after I finished everything else. I'll be honest, I guessed the answers to a couple of objective essay questions and some other questions. Overall, though, I think I did an okay job. I hope there are points for my creative essay answers. About 2 hours or so into the exam, I was freezing. The room was deathly cold. I was done by then, though and so was about half of the others so I decided to turn my paper in. I quivered as I placed it on the professor's desk and tried to sneak a peek at the other exam papers to see if our answers matched up. Most of them did and I tried to linger a bit longer but my professor noticed me and gave me the ahem-what-are-you-still-doing-here look so I bolted out of the room.

And that was it. I am reeeeaaallllyyyy hoping that I pass this exam. I really need to.

On a completely random and unrelated note, check this site out: http://www.sketchswap.com/

It lets you swap sketches with other people. It's really cool since it plays back how the drawing itself was created. Here's mine:

Now how's that for shameless advertising? So if you're the person who got my sketch and decided to visit my blog, drop a comment, maybe? Or not. Your call. Haha.

I like drawing octopi,
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