Saturday, January 22, 2011

handsome behinds

Now this next story that I am about to share with you guys happened quite a long time ago but I remembered it again today. It's quite a funny story (well, I think so anyway. haha)

So this friend I were exiting our local mall and we saw a guy at a fair distance from us carrying a big box and from the picture of a huge monitor on the front, we deduced that the box indeed contained a. . .huge monitor, fresh from the electronics shop. "Nice", we thought to ourselves, "The guy must make a good amount of money to buy something like that". We then proceeded to check the guy out (oh yeah). The guy was tall-about 6'2, he had fair skin and dark wavy (or was it curly, I can't really remember) brown hair. He was wearing jeans and a collared, dark maroon shirt. He looked like he worked out since he had a fairly athletic build. He was standing on the sidewalk seemingly waiting for a cab but (here's the catch) he had his back turned to us, so we couldn't really see his face. Here's an approximation of what his back looked like:

Yes, he looked a bit like that.

So my friend starts telling me that this guy is hot and she'd love to have someone that looks like him as a boyfriend. She even jokingly tells me that she now has a crush on the guy. I nod my head in silent agreement and we both decided to go over to where he was to get a better look at his face. I mean, after all, with a back like that, it is only natural that he should be pretty good-looking, too. Before we crossed the street, though, he turned around and revealed his face. Then, we were all like:

Oh my ghdsbdhdgdyagdhaba. . . 

Why? Well, let's just say that the guy just wasn't our type. He lacked a bit in the looks department, he was aesthetically challenged. Okay, I'm trying to be politically correct here. Anyway, we then looked at each other  knowingly and a smile broke out across my face. "So, you still want him as your boyfriend, huh?", I asked. Since that day, I remind her of this incident every now and then and we still have a good laugh about it. 
Oh, and another thing, when he turned around, it was revealed that his shirt was actually his uniform with the logo of the electronics shop he worked at printed on the front. As for the big monitor, he was only carrying it for an elderly female customer (who was beside him at the time) until she got a cab to take her home.

I guess you shouldn't really judge someone by how good their behind looks like. Haha.

Stay awesome, 


  1. haha this was hilarious! and when i read your post title i though you were talking about the guy's butt O.O not the actual behind :P
    when i was really little, around 5 or 6, i used to see guys riding their motorbikes with helmets and visors that covered their faces, and i would always imagine that they would be the most handsome people ever. you know, cause on TV they used to show certain action movie heroes enter the scene by riding their bikes and taking off their helmets in slow motion to reveal a totally hot dude. :P
    alas it usually turned out to be some old guy or a moustached uncle-type person haha. :P

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  3. OMGOMG when i was reading your description at first, I was all AHHHHHHH HOT DUDEEE ALERT LUCKY YOU!!

    Then i continued..... and i can TOTALLY relate to this. Well at least the guy didn't catch you checking him out!

    Hilarious post!! I;m sure most of us have experienced this at least once!

  4. @Furree Katt: i knew someone was going to make that mistake. haha.

    also, MY GOODNESSSS! i totally dig guys riding motorcycles wearing those leather jackets and dark tinted helmets as well! i also imagined hot guys under all that. unfortunately, like you, i am always disappointed. haha. xD

  5. @Little Miss Big Nose: haha. i was feeling lucky then, too. until he turned around. haha. xD
    oh yes, i'm sure we've all made the same mistake at least once. and i AM very thankful that he did not notice. that would be weird and awkward. xD

  6. oh someone caught me checking him (well technically i was only checking his backview out) out before. And he had smug look on his not-so-pretty face.

  7. @Little Miss Big Nose: haha. funny story! glad you bolted out of there. i guess that guy got his ego boost, though. xD

  8. Roflmao.. haha, that had to happen =p
    with all that perfect behind and strength to hold up a big box with a wicked new monitor..
    Or he'd be gay.
    Lol. =D

  9. @Sana Castellano: i know. it was too good to be true. xD


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