Thursday, January 6, 2011

random games and my lost phone

I've been spending the last hour and a half playing Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook and the thing is, I didn't even notice. I was having too much fun. Honestly, how come that game is so addictive?

This was my last playing session and as you can see, this week, only 2 of us played the game. I am at the top of the leader board because I am awesome like that. My highest score ever was approximately 450,000 and so far, none of my Facebook friends have ever beaten that score. Alright, boasting aside, I am actually happy with my Bejeweled Blitz accomplishments. I know there are a lot of other people in the world who have higher scores than me but right now, as long as none of my Facebook friends beat that score, I'm good. Notice how the score of the person below me pales in comparison to mine? Haha. (Seriously, though, I'm not really the boastful type) This game actually helps me to relax and lets me exercise my reflexes at the same time. However, it also sometimes keeps me from doing academic stuff.

Now while I'm doing okay with Bejeweled, there's this one game I never really understood or learned how to play. It's Minesweeper. This is what happens every time I attempt to play it:
This is one game I seriously do not get. AT ALL. I attempted to read the "how to play" part but it seemed too complicated. But it doesn't really matter, I suppose, since I'm happy clicking away without a care in the world. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

In honor of today's game theme, here's a random game for you folks at home: Line Simulator
It's a funny point and click game where your objective is to eliminate the seven people in front of you standing in line for the Playstation 4.

FORCED UPDATE: My friend contacted me earlier and she told me that she texted the phone that I lost and the person who found it replied. He said that he had found the phone in a taxi (exactly where I knew I left it). I texted my lost phone again earlier and asked the guy if he was in the city and if he could possibly meet up with me to return my phone. I also said I'd give him a cash reward for his trouble. He hasn't replied yet but I'm hoping he will reply tomorrow.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed,


  1. oh it's great that you found out about your phone!
    and LOL i never got how to play minesweeper either, but i used to like it a lot at one point. the most amazing thing ever was when i actually won a game, i never thought it was possible. O.O
    congratulations on your bejeweled score, i never played it but your score certainly seems impressive. :P

  2. @Furree Katt: unfortunately, he did not reply today. i don't think he'd want to give my phone back anymore. :(

    wow. you won a minesweeper game? i never did. haha. xD

  3. There is this site and there are so much games on it..and I'm addicted to one.. the Magnet Tower.. I mean I compete with my friends...that makes it so much better.. hahahaha.. I even sometimes record the game.. and in the video you'll hear me scream the heck out of me... just to get my points..

    oh well.. everybody has their own addiction.. just don't let it ruin anything on you..

    and minesweeper.. my face was like this everytime I try to play ---> O.O

    because I also don't know whats happening on the game... hahahah

  4. @kamila: wow. i should check that site out sometime soon. :)

    haha. i guess minesweeper is one of those games nobody ever really learned to play. xD


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