Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rainbow Jello and Seth Rogen (again?)

Why are rainbow-colored food so delightful? They are seriously like happiness exploding in your mouth. They look so cute and the rainbow colors make any ordinary food look interesting and appealing. Just googling "rainbow food" brings up a ton of delicious stuff that I know I'd gobble up in a heartbeat. Well, except for the rainbow vagina cupcakes (they come up on the first page), which I don't really think I'd want to have. Haha.

The only rainbow-colored food I ever got to eat were white chocolate rainbow brownies that a friend whipped up after following the instructions on an infographic. Needless to say, it was delicious and the colors were pretty. I especially liked the blue parts of it. Sadly, I didn't get to take a picture.

However, I did find a picture of and a recipe for RAINBOW JELLO! (yes, the rainbow colored words were very necessary) Check 'em out (in all their colorful glory):

I'd like to try and make this sometime. I bet they'd be both fun to make and gobble up. Tee-hee. Also, for all the satisfaction of jiggling jello, without actually jiggling it, click on this link

Now, on an unrelated note, I was wondering if I should send Seth Rogen (you know, my celebrity crush) some fan mail and ask for an autograph. Here is his address info and everything:

There have already been a couple of people reporting successfully returned autographed pictures and I'd like to try it out for myself. After all, I don't know if I'll ever really get to see him face to face and even if I never do, I'll already have his autograph (assuming he'll respond). Plus, it would be nice to have tried, at least. So I am seriously contemplating whether I should write him or not. I'm gearing towards the former. I'm just hoping he'll respond. If he does, I'll post a scan of it and I will scream and do my happy dance. (I won't record and upload that, though. That would be social suicide. *giggle*)



  1. Haha!! Yes! Send him fanmail :D And ooh pretty food. :)

  2. @Jodie-Ann: i'm working on it. haha. yes, rainbow food is pretty. ;)

  3. The rainbow jello looks delish! True, sounds like big fun to make.. and looks very good to eat!

    Send him a mail! Yay!!! That would be so cool.. to have an autographed picture of a celebrity crush.. So yeah, go for it. "No harm in trying".. that's what they say. Hehehe... =)

    Goodluck with the jello and with the "fanmail" thing.. =)

  4. @Leah: i know, right? haha.
    and yeah, to have an autographed picture of a celebrity crush would be sooo awesome! xD
    btw, thankyou! :)

    i'm pretty sure you'll get a reply. :D

    and omg, rainbow coloured food. that jelly is so.. ADORABLE! and so edible-looking! i bet it tastes like regular jelly, but it looks a million times yummier.

  6. @Furree Katt: haha. i'm really excited and nervous at the same time if he'll reply or not. i'll probably compose and mail my letter over the weekend.

    i knoow. rainbow colors make everything awesome! xD


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