Friday, January 14, 2011

note to my future self

Do you ever wonder what would happen if, perhaps many years later, in the near future, you'd ever need to go back in time and tell your past self something really important that is sort of like a life and death thing? How would you go about convincing your past self that you're telling the truth and that you are really from the future? Are you still following me here? Anyway, it is obvious that something like that would be very hard to believe. I mean, how would you feel if some old person, who suspiciously looks like you but yet you are not entirely sure, suddenly comes up to you and tells you he or she is you from the future and and has traveled back in time through some sort of time machine because he or she has to tell you something? How would you not just dismiss that individual as some crazy person?

Luckily, I've devised a plan. I know I've gotten inspiration for this somewhere but I can't really remember where right now. Anyway, I have formed a secret code that's hard to guess and that only I know and that I haven't told or will ever tell anyone. I will never write this code down and I will never say it out loud. I have embedded it deep into my brain and no-one could ever possibly know it but me.

 Okay, so maybe him too.

So anyway, if anyone comes up to me claiming she's my future self, all I have to do to verify her story is to ask her the secret code I've formed and remembered in my mind. If she's telling the truth, she should know that code, too and it would save both of us the time and effort with all the formalities and we can get straight to business.

Haha. What do you think? Sorry, my brain has been reduced to mush right now and I still have a lot to do. Oh noeees! :O

See ya,


  1. Yay! Now it's working.. I couldn't leave a comment yesterday.

    A smile never left me when I was reading your posts yesterday. Whenever I watch an action movie, I'd also notice the same things... Why do the antagonists have to attack the protagonists one at a time? I mean, they could attack all at once, that way they could hurt him.. Hehe..

    And.. during fights? The police would always be the last one to arrive... after the main protagonist had killed the bad guys. Yeah. Hahaha!!

    Oh well, it's the Director's fault.. or maybe the screenwriter's? LOL..

    Yeah, I was actually considering making a post like this one.. But I'm not sure if I can make a post soon since I'm on the 30-day Blog Challenge.

    Take care! =)

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  2. Hi, just a quick comment so say I love your blog and have mentioned it on mine!

  3. @leah: haha. seems you've commented on the wrong post again. xD but that's okay. you made me smile. haha.

    and i know, right? they could just attack him all at once or have 2 or three restrain him while others beat him up. but nooooo. they just choose to dance around like crazy.

    plus, you're right. the police always seem to be the last to arrive. what's up with that? xD

    haha. yeah, i know. good luck on your 30-day blog challenge! :D

  4. @Furree Katt: you should do it, too. in case your future self would ever contact you. HAHA. xD

    @Dan: wow. thankyou! :D

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  7. I'm with you on point one.
    I was watching Taken yesterday, and the guy's car crasheddddddd and rolled over quite a few times, and he didn't even get a scratch! plus loadsss more unrealistic stuff.

    and gosh, everything else you've written is true! I wish I'm that sharp! But I usually just watch to gush over the hot dudes! =X

  8. @watchman and horuss: thanks. :)

    @Little Miss Big Nose: really? that's completely unrealistic. idk if i'd even still be alive if the vehicle i was riding in would crash and roll over a couple of times. o__O

    haha. that comment about gushing over the guys made me laugh. i do take a break from trying to spot every mistake, though and take some time off to drool over the hot guys like you do. xD


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