Sunday, January 2, 2011

flying blues

Aaaaaaaannd, here I am again. So today marks the end of my stay here in the place where I grew up. (booo, sniff.)

Anyway, my flight to the Philippines is at 8 in the evening and I'm pretty bummed. Aside from the fact that I'm going to have to leave my family again, I'm also going to have to return to my stressful college life. (Honestly, top-university-in-the-Philippines-that-I-will-not-name, why put such pressure and stress on your students? It sometimes even borders on trying too hard to live up to your reputation.) Since I have a big exam for a major subject coming up the day after I arrive, I have resolved to bring all my papers, handouts, books, highlighters and pencils (since I learn better when I draw on the paper margins and take notes there) on the plane with me. This is really sad since all I really want to do is play Bejeweled 2 and Nintendo's Pokemon all throughout the entire flight. Okay, so maybe watch some movies while I'm at it, too. (I barely get a wink of sleep in planes due to some factors that I will talk about at another time) But now I can't really do that since I am stuck with all this studying to do. I have to memorize as well and with a lot of terms such as PALATOPTERYGOQUADRATE BAR, you will understand how difficult this is. I loved elementary biology but this is just agh! I know what you're going to say: why didn't I study during the 2 week break? I did actually. Bits and pieces here and there but can you really blame me when I've been having too much fun with my family who I haven't seen in quite a while to be bothered with this workload that shouldn't have been assigned in the first place? Do I sound too stressed and frustrated to you? Well I am. To top this all off, airplane food is disgusting. Honestly, how can people happily scarf down that stuff when the mere smell of it makes we want to throw up? It doesn't even look appealing at all. Bleh.

On the plus side though (thankfully there is one), some of my close friends will be joining me on the same flight. We may even have our seats arranged so that we all sit together (we'll see) and all cry and lament on how we will miss our family and our homes here (err. did i say plus side? I meant semi-plus.) Also, once I get back to the Philippines, I've got my freedom back! I'm free from my overprotective parents (at least to a certain degree). And just in case, they will ever read this, I am not doing or will ever do anything bad or illegal or anything that would disappoint you. *BOW*

Also, I got a new camera last night. It was something we got on an impulse. It's a Sony Cybershot DSC-T99. Don't let that fancy-ish name fool you. It's actually a simple digital camera. I do like it's sleek design, though, which probably accounts for its higher price. It's also touch screen and it takes relatively good shots and has a good selection of scene mode thingys. Haha. Okay, I suck at reviewing techie things.

Here's a picture of it: (and yes, mine is purple, too. Because I love purple.)
I'm also bringing it on the plane with me and I might post some pictures here on my blog of the flight and everything. So stay tuned! (whaaat. haha) That is all for now. I have to start packing. (I know, I am the perpetual procrastinator after all)

see you in the skies,


  1. oh wow your new camera is so pretty!
    i hope you have fun on your flight. good luck for your exam!

  2. thanks! :) i did have fun (somehow) haha.


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