Monday, January 3, 2011

Flight update

Hello people! I am now typing this out on my own laptop in the comfort of my own room in my great aunt's condominium. So it's essentially back to reality for me. How was my flight, you ask? Well, I was surprised at how easy it was to study. Time flies by pretty fast when you're up to your eyeballs in medical terminologies. I also managed to cover a lot of ground so that's good. I am probably going to finish the last few chapters after I type this out. I am hoping that I will ace my exam tomorrow (well, pass it, at least).

As for the flight itself, it went pretty smoothly. Except there was this baby that wouldn't stop screaming at the top of its lungs. It was horrible. The baby quited down halfway into the flight, but then acted up again sometime later. Near the end of the flight, he finally shut up for good, which was a really good thing considering how close I was to almost. . .err. .never mind. As usual, I didn't get to eat the food, just the salads, the bread, and the ice cream that goes with it.

The only good food. Apple juice and peanuts.

Oh gosh! That chicken's got spots!


Okay, so I know I might be a bit too hard on the food and perhaps my primitive taste buds can't really appreciate the exotic, delicious (?) flavors and spices. Or maybe they just don't really taste good. I'm leaning towards the latter. *wink*

However, I've also got some bad news. Although we all arrived safely, when I got back to the condo, I realized that I had left my 3 year old phone in the backseat of the taxi I rode from the airport. I frantically tried calling it a number of times in the hopes that the taxi driver would pick it up and kindheartedly return my phone to me. It did ring 2 or 3 times until my calls couldn't get through anymore. My phone was shut off. My heart sank. I knew then and there that I probably would never see my phone again. I've managed to not lose it for three years and now as it was almost into its fourth year, I leave it in the backseat of some random taxi. I did feel bad and I'm still feeling a bit down. Just a day after I got my new camera, too. My parents did not get mad at me, though and just told me to be careful with my stuff next time. I definitely will. That was a relief. I was actually afraid they would go all war freak on me. 

Before I go, here's a random pic of me in the airplane bathroom (what better place to take a photo, eh?)

I love making weird faces. I might post a few more photos of me with my fellow passengers and my friends but let's save that for another time. I still have that test tomorrow. Eek.

Signing out, 


  1. OMG! Holy cow! That really sucks monkey balls(har har) the fact that you lost your phone. :( I can't survive without my phone. Loool!
    PS: That food really does not look apetizing. :l

  2. i'm glad you got time to study. :)
    i absolutely despise it when babies cry on the plane. it's really horrible to put up with.
    aww, too bad about your phone. i hope you replace it soon.
    and you look so cute in your picture! i love what you're wearing.

  3. @Furree Katt: haha. i'm glad, too. the exam earlier was super hard, though. i hope i get a good grade. as for my phone, i've actually already planned to replace it with the new phone i already have (a nokia e66 i got as a present a few months back) but i felt too lazy to manually enter all my contacts to my new phone. now i guess i have no choice. :|
    well, at least it was my old phone i lost and not the new one. still sucks, though.
    and thanks, i like that jacket, too. it makes me look like a pseudo-zebra! :D

    @jodie-ann: first of all, thanks for the follow. haha. second of all, i can live without my phone. it's my computer and the internet i can't live without. haha. third of all, i know. it doesn't smell good, either. so naturally, it tastes yucky, too. xD


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