Sunday, January 9, 2011

got milk?

I don't really like warm milk. I don't think I even like milk in general that much (okay, I'll make an exception for chocolate milk). Milk is not really something that I happily drink whenever I have the chance. If grownups (a.k.a the old know-it-all's) did not force me to drink milk all the time because of all its calcium and other health benefits or whatever, then I wouldn't really bother drinking it. I like milk products (like ice cream) but not really milk itself. The only time I really ever get to taste it is when it is in my cereal bowl with all my cereal happily swimming in it or when I dunk my Oreo's in it (until those Oreo's become just the right amount of soggy).

Milk makes me wonder. I wonder who was the genius who first went up to a cow, pulled on that dangling thing under it (it's udder) and drank whatever came out. I also wonder how he convinced everyone else to try and do the same. Seriously, what?


Random blah: My internet connection has been acting up these past few days and it's starting to annoy me. I've tried fixing it but the problem still seems to persist. 
As for my phone, the guy who found it never texted me back. I guess he has no intention of returning it. Oh well. I just hope he gets no satisfaction whatsoever from what he has chosen to do.

Anyway, do you guys like milk?

Stay moo-velous,


  1. I agree. I don't like milk by itself (except chocolate milk :] ) but I like it when I'm eating it with cereal, cookies etc...

  2. @Rumana: i know. haha. i guess milk's a 50-50 thing. :)

  3. haha this post was so goodddd, i love the way you write.
    i like milk on its own! maybe because i don't drink it that much so i'm not sick of the taste. i like it best with coco pops though. :DD and i looove tea.

  4. @Furree Katt: haha. thanks. :)
    you like milk on its own? well, good for you then. haha. at least no-one forces you to drink it.
    oooh. i love coco pops (basically anything that gives me a sugar rush, i guess) and i like milk tea as well!

  5. I actually love Milk.. i don't know why... but I just do... and you asking about who's the first guy to came up with that idea about the milk..makes me thinking too.. hahah that's funny...

    and hope the guy who get your phone get his karma back.. or do you believe in karma.. i don't know.. I kind of believe though...

  6. Hehe.. This post is funny.. but yeah, like you, I've always wondered who's the very first person who milked a cow... And what gave him the idea that it is safe to drink.. I mean.. duh, it's from the cow's dangling thingy. Hahaha!!

    But oh well.. I love milk. Hehe..

    He'd get what he deserves.. Cheer up. =)

  7. I seriously wonder the same thing!! XD How did people think of that?! Of going and squeezing some cow's... parts and drinking what came out. If you think about it, it's pretty... gross. And courageous of the person. I know that I would have never had the guts to do that for fear of getting some flesh-eating disease.
    I love milk though! :D

  8. @Kamila: wow. haha. well, at least no-one has to force you to drink milk. xD
    and yeah, i hope that guy who took my phone gets what he deserves.

    @Leah: i knoooow! haha. that guy must have been either really adventurous or really stupid. either way, he was right about milk being edible.

    @Jodie-Ann: me, too. i seriously would not even consider going near a cow's dangling parts. haha. xD


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