Wednesday, January 26, 2011

my superhero journey (part 2)

So, in "my superhero journey (part 1)", i talked about superpowers and all the basics. I've decided that my final main power shall be the ability to control and manipulate people and objects with my mind, à la Jean Grey. I've always wanted to do that. Haha. Anyway, in this post, I shall talk about superhero costumes. I mean, what's a good superhero without their own awesome skin-tight costume with the underwear on the outside, eh?

So, without further ado, let us take a look at some of the craziest superhero costumes over the years:
1) The original Robin costume plus the original Nightwing one.

So we all know what the original Robin costume looked like. Yes, the one with no pants and reeeaaaallllyyy short shorts. I don't even think those are shorts anymore. Robin's original costume simply made Batman look like a pedo for having his sidekick dress like that. I guess Robin was okay with all this when, years later, he decided to become an independent superhero and became Nightwing. The original Nightwing costume had bright yellow accents, a spiffy collar and a deep v-neckline (bordering on douchebag neckline?) that exposed most of his chest. It always looked like he was more ready for a night of dancing than for fighting crime.

2) 1940's Flash (Jay Garrick)
This bowl was an excellent idea!

Back then, the first Flash used to wear a red shirt with a thunderbolt on it, blue pants and chunky red boots (with wings). Oh right, he also used to wear a shiny stainless steel bowl on his head (with wings). I don't think he was even trying to hide his identity for that matter. Well, sure, he may speed by so fast that no-one could make out his features but he has to save people, right? He has to carry them? Surely someone would recognize him. Also, he can't be running around all the time.

3) The Original Daredevil
Oh gawd! It's that guy from those burger commercials!

Before donning the sleek crimson outfit we all know today, Daredevil fought crime (presumably by blinding everyone else, too) in this yellow and red eyesore. You know who else dresses like this? Ronald McDonald. A good rule of thumb when choosing a costume-try not to look like a mascot of a popular fast food chain. But can we really blame him? After all, he IS blind.

4) Brainiac

Okay fine, you got me. Brainiac isn't even a superhero (he's a supervillain). But I just couldn't forgive his bright pink shirt and boots over his green skin (How can you take someone seriously when he's dressed like this?). He also doesn't wear pants which makes me wonder if he took fashion tips from Robin. Oh, and he also has these, err...thingies stuck on his bald head.

5) Dazzler

Alas, women are not exempted from making horrible fashion choices. Here we have Dazzler, who decided wearing KISS makeup, a silver disco outfit (complete with disco ball necklace) and roller blades was a good idea. Oh and to make her even more useless, her power is making sparkles appear!

So that's it for today. All pictures were taken from Google Images. I may write about superhero weaknesses in part 3. As for now, I need to get back to designing my own costume. Haha. In the meantime, why don't you guys try designing your own costumes using this site:

I might whip up my own and post it next time. 

Stay dazzling,


  1. haha DAZZLERRRRRRR! more like VULGAR!
    and poor, poor Robin.
    i loved this post loads :D

  2. Hahaha... You really had me laughing with this post. I remember the first Robin costume, he really did have very short shorts. Haha.. Though I think, underwear is the term for it. Hihi. In the Batman movie, Robin is part of the circus, right? An acrobat.. or something.. So maybe that's where the costume came from. Or not. I don't know Robin's history. Hehe..

    Also, LOL on number 3. Hahaha. Yeah, we couldn't blame daredeveil for his very very poor choice of costume. I mean, he IS blind. Haha! Really good point, Ishashime. *grinning

    I'd check the site later, maybe I could do some new costume desgins, and maybe some superheroes would be interested. Hehe. :)

    Take care. ☺

  3. Hahahaha... i never really was in on super hero.. but this is lol.

    I love what you said about daredevil... so now I know I won't mistaken him for being ronald..

  4. @Furree Katt: i know. i mean, what were those designers thinking? haha. thankyouuu! :)

    @Leah: glad you liked my post. :)
    yeah, i think Robin is just wearing underwear. *shudders* haha. oh and yes, Robin's origin story is that he was really an acrobat working for the circus before his parents were killed and his superhero outfit was inspired by his acrobat outfit.
    poor Daredevil. glad he changed his costume. i guess someone pointed out how horrible his original yellow and red one was. hahaha.
    also, yes! you should design costumes and sell your designs to would-be superheroes. haha.
    you take care, too! :)

    @Kamila: haha. thankyou. :D i'm glad Daredevil changed his costume, too. xD

  5. This post is so coooooooool! I love Dazzler the best XD


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