Monday, January 31, 2011

quick update and game suggestion

Hey guys! So right now I should be doing something for a class I have tomorrow, but since I adore procrastinating, I opted to finish The Company of Myself first. Now that I've completed it, I've decided to write this post. The Company of Myself is wonderful puzzle game with an interesting story. It's not your normal puzzle game though, it's actually sort of deep. If you have introverted moments every now and then (like me), then you'll be able to relate to at least one line that appears in the game. The game play itself is a bit tricky and the levels are challenging but manageable. I also adore the music that goes with it since it really sets the mood.

I recommend you go and play it (that is, of course, if you aren't doing anything or if you want to). Go and play The Company of Myself here.

I've been meaning to continue with my superhero journey (part 3) but I've been (sort of) studying all weekend. However, I might get to post tomorrow after school and everything.
In other news, I've made a new header for my blog after Furree Katt and Kamila suggested I do so. I created everything in Paint and I'm pretty happy with it. What do you guys think?



  1. Thanks for the shoutout! Glad you enjoyed the game.

  2. thanks for stopping by and for this brilliant game. keep it up! :D

    i know i commented on the last post but i just had to say it again, THAT'S A SERIOUSLY ADORABLE HEADER! you have mad skillz.

  4. @Furree Katt: haha. that's okay. yes, i drew everything in Paint (well, except for the blog title and tag line which i typed. haha). thanks soo much! :D

  5. Whoa.. you made it yourself? Ang galing!!!!!!! Hehe. It's so cute! I tried making my own blog header, it's didn't turn out good, though. Hehe...

    Good luck with school and stuff. I'm going to try the game... later. :)

  6. YOU MADE IT ALL BY YOURSELF?! ZOMG!! It's amazing!! :D

  7. @Leah: yay! thankyou! haha. you should try making your own header again sometime. i saw your drawings. they're actually really good. :)

    @Jodie-Ann: thanks a bunch! :D


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